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Based on its specialised personnel and the know-how and experience gained over the last 15 years acting in multiple categories, Geo Technology has developed and capitalized special competences preparing, supporting, assisting and organizing racing programmes.

In more details, Geo Technology can work in various specific racing activities as :

Client Powertrain, including :

  • Assembly and/or upgrade of engines on a clean environment
  • Dyno tests and reporting (running-in and performance checks)
  • Engine kitting/dressing and preparation prior to delivery
  • Rebuilt and maintenance between racing events
  • Reliability analysis after race use.

Performance development of racing powertrain, including:

  • Design, Testing, Research and Development
  • Manufacturing and selling of special kit components and system

Management of engine racing services on track including:

  • Direct engineering support to race Teams
  • Organization and management of the logistics, to carry engines and components to and from race tracks in the world

Management of complete racing programs, on behalf   of   OEMs or Race Series Organizers,   for race series, including:


  • Assembly of engines
  • Design and manufacturing of race parts
  • Development and testing of engines
  • Delivery of engines to Teams on track
  • Engineering support on track
  • Engine maintenance program
  • Spare parts stock and management